Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Luckyscent Haul !

First Purchase is Orange Sanguine. It's the most authentic orange juice based fragrance that I have ever sniffed. The question you want to smell like O.J. ?

Second is Parfumerie Generale's Cologne Grand Siecle. I remember liking the sample I had from this so I decided to get a full bottle.
Midnight in Paris is the third bottle. This is the EDP concentration. I sure hope the hype is real with this one since it's a blind buy.
Idole by Lubin is such a boozy fragrance that I had to get it. Won't get much use at this time but around December this one will come in handy.
Sel Marin by Heeley was an easy choice for a fragrance buy this month. This is one of the best from Heeley and is actually my 3rd bottle from the brand.
Un Bois Vanille from Serge Lutens should be a good blind buy and I can't wait to delve into it.
Knize Ten is the oldest fragrance I own now. Made in the 20's I think this is the best leather based fragrance on the market so let's give it a try.

New York by Nicolai is a gem in the fragrance industry. Weird it has taken me so long to get a bottle.


  1. Very interesting fragrances. Heeley seems really enticing. Can't wait to hear some reviews on these.

  2. Looks like some good ones. I tried Idole and wasn't sure I liked it, then again, I don't care for Pure Malt either.

  3. Yea Idole is very different , almost too boozy but I had to get it. Too different to ignore lol

  4. Some excellent picks in this haul, my man. I have PdN New York and Idole and couldn't be happier with them. And Idole's bottle is just the coolest.

    Midnight in Paris smells a lot like Bulgari Black to me, although I haven't done a side-by-side comparison.

    Parfumerie Generale is my new favorite house. I just bought a bottle of Bois Blonde, which is amazing. Coze is another favorite from this house. Haven't tried Cologne Grand Siecle, yet.

    Looking forward to your return to Youtube :)

  5. Midnight in Paris is my current fave perfume, and also my fave of all of O. Polge's creations. It has a really nice leather note and thick amber vibe that's similar to Dior Homme. It also lasts 8+ hours on my skin. I'm looking forward to your review on this.

  6. Hey Marc,

    Was wondering if you'd ever do any reviews on fragrances from the past such as Knize Ten? I've always been curious to know your take on those kind of fragrances. Love your work!