Monday, April 18, 2011

2 Niche One Designer Purchase

Let's start with my new designer purchase then we will tackle the niche. Prada has always done quality fragrance once they finally decided to do fragrances for men. I am a big fan of the line and Amber was/is one of the best fragrances for daytime use. Amber Intense was introduced this year and I could not ignore it. Blind buy which was pretty easy to pull the trigger.
Next with have another Bond. I purchased Montauk early last month to add to my Bond no. 9 collection and I decided to add another which of course is Wall Street. This again is a blind buy for me but I hear good things about it and have been wanting to get this fragrance for over a year now. Just could never find a good price for it or decided to get other Bond's instead. I can't wait to sniff this one out.

Last but not least is another Creed. Again same with Bond I am just going to buy the whole lineup one bottle at a time. Original Vetiver is probably the last well known Creed to buy for my collection. My next purchase from the Creed lineup will be something unknown by many and will probably be an older fragrance from the line. I believe this is my 12th bottle of Creed and I must say they look great. I can't wait to sniff this one since again this is another blind buy and I think it should be perfect for spring.

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  1. Got your hands on the new Prada, lucky man