Sunday, December 6, 2009

Purchase Alert : 6 New bottles Added to the Closet

Hey everyone have not done a update in a while. This is probably my final purchase post until 2010. I am in the midst of buying for family and friends for x-mas. So purchasing bottles for me is in the back burner. I will let you guys know what I just purchased

My very first bottle is a Armani Fragrance. Anyone that knows me , knows that I am not a big fan Armani Fragrances, but this one is made by one of my faves parfurmer. So I will give this a chance.

My second bottle is a Burberry Fragrance, called Touch. Apparently this one can hold
his own with the Brit and London's. So I will give this one a chance to show me how well it can do in
the colder months.

My third bottle is a Perry Ellis for men edition 2008. One of the newest offerings from
PE. I actually do not own a PE fragrance so this will be my first smell from this house.

Ck Euphoria Intense , also another cold weather fragrance will get a chance with me. Not too sure what to expect with this one. CK has been pushing out medium to fair fragrances for men for the past 5 years. So hopefully this one brings back the love I had for CK fragrances.

I bought two gucci fragrance's this time out , first one of the bunch is Gucci Pour Homme. I do own Gucci PH II and decided to splurge on the original. Should be another great addition to my winter fragrances.

Last but no least is Gucci Envy. This one I never owned , guess I just never wanted to own Envy. I really wasn't into the Gucci frags. Now, I love the Gucci frags. So I think I got a couple winners in Envy and Pour Homme. They should both be staples into my winter lineup.


  1. i like CK Euphoria Intense is really nice for fall evenings and winter

  2. Hope you'll eventually do a review on Burberry Touch! Love to hear your thoughts on it, and how it ranks up with London/Brit.

  3. would love to see your Euphoria Intense review...