Monday, December 28, 2009

Purchase Alert : 16 New bottles Added to the Closet

Let's start off with Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for him. I keep hearing this is sooo good. I say really ? are you sure ? I'm skeptical on this one

Chic for men by Carolina Herrera. I hear good things... we will see

Is it just me or Hugo has a huge collection of bottles. It feels like always buying a bottle of Hugo Boss and I have another 20 to buy from this house. Well Energise is my latest buy from Hugo. I will see what this brings.

Very Irresistible by Givenchy. A blind buy but from what I hear I believe this is going to be one of my favs.

L"eau D'issey ... yea I never owned this. some would say it's about time. I say.. hey I liked the summer ones better.

Versace man. I am running out of bottle to by from Versace before I get into those god awful Versace Jeans colognes. UGH ! This might be my last from Versace.

Weekend by Burberry...the darkhorse of the Burberry line. Let's see how bad it is.. perhaps the burberry line is so good that this one can't compete. We will see

Proof by A&F... another Abercrombie cologne. Trying to see what the fuss is about. They are quality...but nothing groundbreaking. I need to find those Ruehl ones tho.

Black by Kenneth Cole lol... enough said

I think I'm on a Cool Water Flanker kick. I just bought Hot Water a couple weeks ago, now this limited edition one. Not sure really where I'm going with this since they aren't that impressive.... really ?

Bulgari Extreme is my next purchase.. blind buy. I just love BLV fragrances and just thought this one would be nice to try.

Yes I bought CK One. FINALLY ! I was a CK BE fanboy and never ever wanted to own a bottle of CK one.. not sure why, i felt like i was cheating on the ck be perhaps. Anyways I got it now, and it's cheap to get.

Dior Homme. Just like the Chanel Allure line, I am trying to get all of these. I decided to get Dior Homme since I already have the Sport one. I smelt this a few months ago and I loved it.

I bought M7.. i fell in love with this at Schiphol Airport when I passed thru this month. So I swore to myself to get this bottle and m7 fresh. Well i got the original for now.

I got Chanel Allure Sport. I don't have the whole Allure pour Homme line and decided to add this one to my Edition Blanche. Now all I need is the original lol

Fahrenheit 32... I decided to get a flanker from the original and see how this one goes. I was going to buy Absolute but the price to get it in Canada was outrageous. So $70 american for this one made more sense to me.


  1. hey man, so regarding the "Very Sexy" For men by victoria secret. My friend bought the fragrance when it first came out and I recently bought it. The Fragrance has drastically changed. The new stuff is very different from the original, and I was quite disappointed when I got mine.

  2. Chic for men is a BomB!!