Tuesday, December 29, 2009

18 Bottles purchased

Found another discontinued Diesel fragrance. This one here has good reviews I will try it out. Cheap Cheap too

John Varvatos the Original. I got Vintage & Artisan now I got the original.

Pi by Givenchy. Owned it, lost it. Now bought it back.

Swiss Army for men, this was one of my faves back in the day. I totally forgot about it until I smelt it just recently and wanted another bottle.

24k by Jivago. My first from this house too. There's lil' gold flakes in this mofo.. no joke. I'm not expecting much, this is more of a bottle purchase then a juice purchase.

Challenge by Lacoste. I hear so many bad things on this one. So let's take a smell

Black Sun by Salvador Dali. A Huge fragrance house, they have the weirdest bottles too. My first from them, this is going to be my first impression on this house.

Noir by St Dupont. Cool bottle, heard good things so I will try

Nikos for men. I have no clue what I just bought. It looked cool, never heard of it.

Ed hardy's love & luck. Well I don't know how many requests I had for one Ed Hardy fragrance, so I finally caved and got this one. Hopefully it's better then the original.

Ungaro's Apparition Intense. My first from this house. Someone said Rhubarb so I bought it.

My 2nd Joop fragrance, this one is Electric Heat released in 2009. I wanted the newest offering and see what it smells like.

Set Sail St. Barts by Tommy Bahama , my very first TB fragrance. There's tequila in this, oh yea !!!

Arpege pour Homme.. um no clue about this one and the bottle does not say much either cept for a big black dot... hmm

L'instant de Guerlain. I decided to go again and try out another Guerlain fragrance, it was between this and Habit Rouge. We will see if I picked the right one.

Givenchy's Xeryus Rouge, I hear this one is sweet... almost too sweet. I love sweet.

Quasar... a intresting bottle and juice. I think I might like this one.

Hugo Boss Soul... trying to get a dent into the Hugo Boss line. Still more to purchase tho, namely Boss In Motion (the original)


  1. Have some great bottles there, would love to see a review on l'instant and pi! Also would recommend you checkout rochas lui (Mature oldschool/modern fragrance, many say its a better version of gucci pour homme, and I happen aggree) and animale animale (chocolate/fruity-like gourmand fragrance).

  2. it's a shame you didn't get the new Christian Audigier instead of Love and Luck...it smells quite good.

  3. you're gonna love ST Dupont Noir. Let the drydown settle in for a half an hour.

    Same goes for Arpege...truly sensual :)

  4. Great collections of perfumes:) I like the Ungaro's Apparition Intense scent:)

    ----> eula @ do pheromens work