Friday, June 10, 2011

Working on....

Today is a day that I am finally done doing final touches on all uncompleted fragrances reviews. So it's time to work with some new fragrances, this is something I am always excited to do. I chose two fragrances that I have had for a few years now and are in a huge need to be reviewed. Usually I pick fragrances that I have had for a while and that I have worn already a few times so I know usually what I am getting from the fragrance which makes the testing time for these fragrances much shorter then usual. So today I picked the original He Wood. I have only reviewed He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood and gave it a great score on my channel but how will the original do when it's reviewed ? Usually flankers never outshine the original but this time I think we might see the pupil beat the teacher.

Next I picked a Givenchy fragrance. It seems like forever since I tackled this fragrance house and I chose it's gourmandish fragrance called Very Irresistible. This one is really interesting and personally I think is one of the better Givenchy fragrances on the market. We will see how it stacks up against other fragrances in the same genre.


  1. Hello Marc.

    I really like your reviews, they helped me a lot with my decision to blind buy Encre Noire and The Dreamer.

    I'd love to hear or read your impressions (or review) of Axe/Lynx Excite.

  2. hey Marc
    Its great news to hear that you are considering a return to youtube, you have inspired a lot of new people to review fragances, but you trully are the best reviewer.

    Keep up your good work and hope to see ya soon back with a new review.

    BTW. is it any posibility to someday review a dunhill fragance?? i cant find any on youtube.
    thanks in advance

  3. Hi I found a post by you on another forum that said you were interested in Black Afgano.. Just wondering if you have found a bottle or if you still need one.. there is one available on ebay right now.