Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hello fellow fragheads,

Once in a while when you test hundreds of fragrances sometimes it just gets too boring perhaps or too easy. But once in a blue moon a fragrance just blows your mind. Today , minutes ago I was working on my fragrance review on Timbuktu from Artisan and this fragrance just blew my mind.

I remember when I first got it (I believe I have a video of me hating it on youtube) I hated this stuff. It was too much for my nose. This is why I test and test and test and test until my nose has wrapped itself around the scent, because hey when we buy a fragrance we don't want it to smell good to us for a few days or weeks. We want to experience it perhaps for years and decades. To really review a scent I go through the good and the bad. Initial impressions with a scent can last over a week perhaps a month but after long term use you will either get bored, hate a note or two in it, learn to love it , or just grow with the scent. Timbuktu just woke my ass up today and said hey ! I'm a masterpiece !!! Yes you are. If your a scent head and enjoy scents that challenge your nose then Timbuktu is something that you MUST try. It's not something most people would wear as a day to day fragrance but it's a work of art.



  1. Thats so true Marc,will have to get a sample.That's what I found with the Dreamer by versace.When I first got it,I thought it was bitter and completely off.But after getting into scents more and more,gave it another chance after few months and the stuff smells amazing! Doesn't even have that designer feel to it coming from versace.Anyways,will be awesome to have u back.
    -TheMyth from NZ!

  2. "Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."

    I hated Le Male when I first tried it out. I still hate Chaps... though I'm starting to warm up to it just a hairy little bit. I'm still not all that partial to Halston Z-14's leathery drydown (though the opening more than makes up for it, IMO).

    I hope I get to try this sometime soon. Thanks for the heads up on this frag.

  3. Marc PLEASE man, can you review Hot Water!!! I bought Cool water by Davidoff and i LOVED it!! There are no Reviews of Hot Water. PLEASE Review it!! thanks!

  4. Really interesting, A coworker of mine wears this and raves about it. I have smelt it on him occasionally, and from an outsider it reminded me allot of Encre Noir.

  5. Hello,
    I am part of the Lubin team. I saw your review on one of our fragrances and was interested in speaking with you. Please email me at
    Thank you very much!

  6. I thought this was pretty good but didnt really get.. Weighed buying and not for months and months now.. I think i shall revisit my sample thx!! Btw I love when the Revelation Comes lol!!