Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working on...

Since I am back working on some reviews I decided to let you guys know what I am working on at the moment. Nothing big right now just working on finishing a couple of cheapies. Including Cuba Red & Playboy Hollywood. These reviews were almost complete before I decided to hang it up so now it's just a refresher course on them and finish up my thoughts on them, they will both be future reviews in October/November 2011.


  1. I hope these reviews will come out as a video then! :) Would be great! :)

  2. Hopefully they don't give you as much trouble as Musc Ravageur once did

  3. Marc, I love that you review everything from Musc Ravageur to the cheapest cologne available (Cuba Red).

    If you do return, I await number 23! If you come back, give your self a little bit of rest between reviews, enjoy yourself.