Monday, August 30, 2010

Today`s Youtube review will be on... Cool Water

Hey guys, just uploading my video on my review on the classic Cool Water by Davidoff. Personally this is a great cologne for the price point, if it was much more expensive then perhaps I would not tag this as a great cologne but looking at pricing this is awesome for the price.
I know this one has it`s haters and lovers and I would put myself in the lovers categorie I guess since I don`t find it vile like others do. The main thing with cool water is the lavender and I think alot of people associate lavender with cleaning products, but I feel CW does it well with the other notes surrounding the lavender. Yes it`s very synthetic almost to a fault, but to me it is pleasing and to women they also gave this one a thumbs up.
I was surprised with the longevity though. I only got 5-7 hours daily on 35 testing days of wearing total. Since I heard different opionions on this I really thought longevity was something I had to test numerous times. As far as projection goes, this thing was a beast, as long as it was on me it was projecting and doing very well. One of the best actually at this point of the reviewing proccess for me. As far as compliments go I must of gotten 10-12 compliments while wearing CW which is about average. The wife loved CW when I was testing it out recently and she approves of this cologne. (why am I buying bottles for $200 + when CW works wonders lol)
As far as my stamp of approval on this thing, I would say it`s well done for what it`s made for. It`s a $20 bargain bin fragrance that works very well. This is approved as far as a cheap fragrance goes, especially if your in a country that does not carry CW.
The youtube review will be out today and it will be in much more detail... thank you for reading


  1. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this fragrance. Thanks for the post, Marc!

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  3. Hi Marc, you have some great reviews - keep them up!