Friday, August 6, 2010

Scent of the Day : Gold Man by Amouage

Since I heard the duty free I will be passing through on my way home will be carrying Amouage I decided to take out my samples of the line and see if I can see if any get my interest. I purchased Jubilation XXV from luckyscent a month ago and I felt that was the only one that I really wanted to spend that kind of money on. Today was Gold Man's turn and I know this is high quality stuff but I can't get past this baby powder feeling I get with this one from first sniff to last sniff. It's just not what I am expecting from this kind of fragrance house. The price makes a big different in my opinion because I like the scent for $50 but not for $250. So yes price does make the decision for me here today, perhaps I am missing something and I am sure I am but this one will stay as a sample for me and not a bottle purchase.

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