Friday, August 6, 2010

Canada in a week !!!

Yess !!! I am coming back home in a week. I am excited and very eager to be back home. As far as reviewing I will be pretty busy my first few weeks home, as most of my subscribers know I have purchased my first home and will be pretty busy purchasing furniture and setting things up. As far as fragrance news is concerned for my comeback video to youtube I will try to keep in touch with all of you and hopefully I can post a few videos in the first week of me touching down in Canada. Probably no reviews since they do take almost half a day to a day to complete. I am excited to start my channel with a brand new background and I am setting up to have a new format for my show while I am at it.

Also I have two new features I would like to introduce to you all, first is I will be doing features on perfumiers . One video dedicated to one perfumier, I will bring out all the fragrances that this perfumier has made , a little background on them and the scents they created and a top 3-5 scents that they made and what style they use etc.... my first video will be on the legend Jean Claude Ellena and I will continue this trend so we can put the well deserved spotlight on the people that actually make these scents for us.

My next video idea will be again a spotlight video but this time on the notes in a fragrance. I will tackle one note (vetiver for example). Explain the history of this note in fragrances, which fragrance have this note as the main accord in the scent. What it smells like, and obviously take a few of my favourite scents that have this note and let you know my favourites. Perhaps this will help people know what something smells like and not only you will learn but I will also learn from these videos about some notes in fragrances.

Last but not least my reviews... what's in store ?? Well you have seen a few scents that I posted on my blog that I am working on, but also the age old question of when will I be reviewing my niche scents. The work is done and I will have several niche fragrances reviewed this time around. I also have a summer top 10 scents video planned to be released sometime this month. Other then that we have the same old videos coming back as the Good Bad & Ugly segments will continue, I do have a few haul videos planned and of course more subscriber's choice videos. I will leave you all with that... see you on the tube real soon.



  1. Welcome back, the new ideas sound good!

  2. The new idea sounds great!i'll be anticipating it, wish u'll do well with the new home

  3. WOW! Im excited for this new stuff. Sounds Great!

  4. The new stuff sounds awesome man!!!