Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preview : Now Announcing New Youtube Channel

I have a small announcement to make. I am announcing that I am going to expand my reviewing skills to another genre. I will be reviewing albums old & new of any and all genres of music. I see that there is a lack of album (cd) reviewers on youtube and I will fill that void. I encourage my subscribers of my previous channel to join on this new channel. Channel link : . As you can see this channel is blank and is the works but I will releasing a brand new video for it very soon. Thank you and this will be the last time I spam my own blog.... or maybe not . The Fragrance Guru aka Marc


  1. Sounds like this could be lots of fun to watch. Good luck with it!

  2. Check out DJ Shadow's first album, "Endtroducing" if you haven't yet. As someone from the San Francisco (Bay Area), this album's a classic to me in the past decade. I listen to this one all the time.