Saturday, June 23, 2012

Working on this review today: Tonka Imperiale by Guerlain

Alright first post back .. it's been a while so I hope some of you are still following. I will be doing random updates here on my blog. Today is a day off for me and that means I am tackling some sniffing. First thing to do is start working on future reviews on youtube. I posted I believe 9 full review this time home and that means I need to replenish and keep working on new ones. I have over 37 full review done testing and just waiting to be posted on youtube but that does not mean the testing and sniffing is over. Tonka Imperiale is some major juice. You guys know I love this stuff ever since I first sniffed it. It's a masterpiece ! These kind of reviews are hard to make , just like Chergui & Rose 31 which I finally posted on youtube. These are fragrances that I feel are worth the high price tag, but reviewing them is hard because you need to make sure to really evoke the full picture to what someone would think when they first smell this to the fine detail of what each note gives in a fragrances. These are the kind of reviews that I relish and challenge myself to do. They do take more time to do, I believe Chergui and Rose 31 took me two full years of testing to really get the full approach. Tonka Imperiale is at the tail end of testing and it's time to put everything I wrote down into words and that is what I am working on today. Looking into how many sprays where the best, what season this one did the best for me. The occasions you can wear it, what notes stand out and which ones are in the background or the one that do not show up. What makes this worth $250 a bottle against other fragrances. Is it versatile ? Can something replace it that is much cheaper. These are all things I do when working on a review. It's Tonka Imperiale's turn today to get my full attention.


  1. Thanks Marc.
    It's really going to be helpful for me!
    I'm really interested to this fragrance but I need to blind buy it because it's not available in my country and I need to purchase it online!

  2. Quality juice. I hope you do this justice like you did Rose31 and Chergui... ( i know you will ) :) Hope things are going well or you overseas, looking forward to your return.
    All the best Marc,

  3. Hi Marc. How does this delightful scent Tonka Imperiale compare to the Tonka Truck. I only ask as Tonka Imperiale is quite expensive but I found a partly damaged Tonka Truck at an exquisite Paris thrift store for very reasonable price.

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