Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Scent of the Day : Nejma's Puro

My Scent of the Day today is a sample sent to me from a friend in Germany. He sent me multiple samples and I will be testing them on my skin in the next few weeks. Today I tackle Nejma's Puro. I never smelled this before but when I went to my fragrantica page I saw I had it checked marked as I want it which means either someone requested me to smell it and I felt the notes interests me so thanks to my friend I don't need to blind buy it. Well that does not matter because it would of been a great blind buy because Puro hits you with a great dose of rum and cinnamon which is the first thing that hits me. I was sold right away when I smelled that. They list mojito in here, but the rum overpowers it. This is nicely blended, and it's not too dark since it does have some uplifting quality in the background like the mojito, I can feel some of the tobacco once it settles. It's mostly spicy with the spice, some woods, and that boozy and tobacco hits are really nice. This is a tobacco based fragrance but with the surrounding notes of cinnamon and other spices and rum and that uplifting mojito it really did wow me. It does remind me of something, like Boss Bottled meets Allure Homme. I might be wrong but it's familiar. Overall very nice and will be a future buy for me. 

Rating : (✭✭✭✭)


  1. Hi Marc!!!

    I am from Brazil and I love your videos in the youtube. I want to buy a Bond nº 9 for my mother. She loves Tom Ford Black Orchid and Vanitas Versace. What do you recommend?

    Congretulations!! Your advices are very important for all the fragrance community!!!


    Eduardo Campos

  2. Wow You have a nice scent in here. What a delightful read! I do love reading your blog! :)
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    found this on BN. cuir amber by prada. you mentioned you were looking for one.

  4. Hi. I assume your friend is an SS Officer for the Nazi Party as he lives in Germany. Do you know which family he pilfered that nice smelling Nazi spoil from. Was it the Goldberg family by any chance.