Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SOTD : Andy Tauer's Incense Rose

A jammy Rose (yes rose can smell like jam) with a tons of incense; backed with spices and resins. Overall pretty good, oh don't be scared of the just for women tag, it's unisex, more manly then you think. I like this one quite a bit. Not my favourite from the Tauer brand. Smelling my hand does make me think this is a great creation for the right person, it's so complex and well done but sadly for me did not knock my shoes off and could be a possible buy in the future but at the moment it's a pass for me and it will make my future buy list. 

My Final rating : ✭✭✭


  1. my sotd is a men pure malt (greets from germany)

  2. Marc am I missing something here? I thought the acronym for a disease transmitted via a sexual activity was called an STD. Perhaps I'm wrong and I apologise if so but I wish you a speedy recovery and pray that in the future you will take more precaution and protect your manly parts appropriately.

  3. Wow! A very cute bottle of perfume:) I want to add this perfume in my collection.

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