Friday, May 27, 2011

New Creed : Royal Oud

Creed is releasing a new fragrance and it's called Royal Oud. People often ask me what new releases do I look forward to in the future ? I really never have an answer until today. I am very excited for this fragrance to drop so I can blind buy that bottle right away. What are your thoughts on this new Creed ? Is going to be the next big hype and flop or get no love but is a underrated gem.

2 New Purchases

First I purchased the new Ellena fragrance. Jardin sur le Toit is his newest creation for Hermes. I love these fruity/fresh fragrances from Ellena, he does a masterful job on most of them and this one is a winner for warm days. I wore it already a few times on my skin, it needs perhaps 5-6 sprays on the skin to last , so yes you need to overspray but the is a winner in my books. I love it.

Anyone who follows my purchases to a T knows I already had a bottle of L'instant Exteme and know that I have been hating on the fragrance ever since I got the bottle. It felt a little off since there is so much love for this fragrance and I really did not like what my bottle was giving me. I always felt there is something wrong. Alas there is something wrong, my bottle does not smell what I smelled in Duty Free the other day with L'instant Extreme. It's close but as close enough to deem it amazing by any means. My first bottle was a blind buy on ebay and it was a tester, I never ever buy testers on ebay but I could not find it anywhere and I pulled the trigger.

So conclusion is it a fake or is it old juice or what is going on ? Well at the moment I can't say much since I am not home and I can't compare my new authentic bottle from duty free with my tester I got from ebay. I can def. feel a difference but I will need to have them both side by side to see what I get.

Lesson Learned ... no matter how hard the fragrance is to find perhaps buying a unboxed tester on ebay is not the most reliable way to purchase a fragrance.. yes the Guru got duped too . It happens to everyone :D

Keep smelling well my friends

Sunday, May 22, 2011

SODT : Dior Homme Intense

It's a rainy day in Canada and I felt like wearing something with a little backbone and it's been a while myself and Dior Homme got together. This one was perfect for the weather, and since I am with my woman all day it was perfect for the occasion. We went out for breakfast, then went to the a few malls , did some groceries and came back home. Just a simple Sunday, you don't have to wear this one only at night or only during cooler days, she worked just well casually during a rainy day with your woman. I love this one and no wonder people are loving this one.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fuel For Life Denim Edition is Purchased !

I liked the original so this was an easy blind buy. Can't wait

New Purchases : Tom Ford

I wanted Amber Absolute but instead went with two different ones , hopefully they work out .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Creed & Bond Purchases

Central Park is my next purchase from Bond no. 9 , think I might be happy with this blind buy.

Royal Water is my next Creed. Also a blind buy