Friday, May 27, 2011

2 New Purchases

First I purchased the new Ellena fragrance. Jardin sur le Toit is his newest creation for Hermes. I love these fruity/fresh fragrances from Ellena, he does a masterful job on most of them and this one is a winner for warm days. I wore it already a few times on my skin, it needs perhaps 5-6 sprays on the skin to last , so yes you need to overspray but the is a winner in my books. I love it.

Anyone who follows my purchases to a T knows I already had a bottle of L'instant Exteme and know that I have been hating on the fragrance ever since I got the bottle. It felt a little off since there is so much love for this fragrance and I really did not like what my bottle was giving me. I always felt there is something wrong. Alas there is something wrong, my bottle does not smell what I smelled in Duty Free the other day with L'instant Extreme. It's close but as close enough to deem it amazing by any means. My first bottle was a blind buy on ebay and it was a tester, I never ever buy testers on ebay but I could not find it anywhere and I pulled the trigger.

So conclusion is it a fake or is it old juice or what is going on ? Well at the moment I can't say much since I am not home and I can't compare my new authentic bottle from duty free with my tester I got from ebay. I can def. feel a difference but I will need to have them both side by side to see what I get.

Lesson Learned ... no matter how hard the fragrance is to find perhaps buying a unboxed tester on ebay is not the most reliable way to purchase a fragrance.. yes the Guru got duped too . It happens to everyone :D

Keep smelling well my friends


  1. The ironic thing is that you were asked during the session if you own any fake frags. Sorry to hear that you got duped.

  2. I had the original of that fragrance and I had to give it away it smelt like I opened a ring of printer paper and rubbed it all over.