Thursday, October 6, 2011

Duty Free in Dubai : What I wanted I got !!

Well this is where the fun starts. It's that time to fly and what that means is I have a chance to look at Duty Free sections all over the world and try to find some jewels. This time around it was in Dubai that I set my sights on the prizes. I was really surprised to see not many new designer releases were available in Dubai duty free. Talking about the new JPG and the new YSL's were both no where to be found, nothing from Thierry Mugler. I did find a few exciting designer releases such as SWW from Dsquared. I did not sniff it but I did almost purchase it, perhaps next time. I came across the Tom Ford section which is always a treat to see what they have, usually they only have the lower end of the brand (the non private blend) which include Tom Ford for Men and Grey Vetiver. I was surprised to see Tom Ford extreme on the counter. I decided since I did just review Grey Vetiver and also already did a review on the original Tom Ford for men that I would pick this one up. I had my eye on this fragrance for quite some time and was wondering back when I purchased the original Tom Ford for men to get the extreme. I heard great things about it, so with no samples or tester available on extreme in duty free I decided well this what I do (blind buys) so I grabbed the last box for the extreme happy to start off my duty free purchases. First impression since I only worn it once since purchase is this is a good one folks!!! I really enjoyed it, it's dark and well balanced great for fall and winter. I have not taken a look at the note breakdown but I'm sure it's as simple as the original Tom Ford for men but also as the original does the job very well. I smelt a little bit of spice and woods . Longevity for a first wear with it came out disappointing which gave me around 5-6 hours but projection was well into 3-4 hours into the wearing still going strong.

Next was the buy that I knew I was going to do when I first heard that I was going thru Dubai. That's the Amouage house. Epic was next on the list and this one was a no brainer. I found the Amouage section and knew exactly where I was going and what bottle I was going to get. Epic in a sense is Epic !! I've sniffed this one before in Duty Free (never worn it) but for the past 2 years I overlooked it over purchases with Reflection, Memoir and lastly Honour Man in duty free. It always came in second and finally it was it's turn. I knew it was gorgeous and I knew it was only a matter of time that I snatched that bottle up. The incense in these Amouage bottles is just insane and so well blended with the other notes that I just get floored every time I smell one of these. This one has Oud in it and of course some spices and usually these Amouage Fragrances just invoke where I wear them that I am some important Sultan and I demand attention. People this brand is the only brand that I will not blink and spend 300 dollars on a bottle . I know what I get from these scents and they are terrific. For the record this is my 6th bottle of Amouage after Memoir, Reflection, Honour, Jubilation XXV and Dia. Stunning just Stunning


  1. Hey, Marc ! You must try Ciel from Amouage ;-) i'm telling you, it's the SHIT :-)

  2. Hey dude, next time you go to Dubai, try to find the entire Nasomatto range, they stack them all! All 8-9 of them. Actually Nasomatto started its first feet in Dubai and Middle East despite the fact that it is Italian but found great ground of popularity among Dubai citizens. Oh and a golden tip: You have a unique chance to explore a new Designer's world. A House that is not yet popular in the world and it's gonna blow your mind! It is called 'Rasasi'and it is in-house (made in Dubai) and quality is very niche, very super! I would put them side by side with Nasomatto, it's that good. They implement oud and exotic scents to perfection, you don't wanna miss them out. Here is a teaser so you know what a potential role you can be doing if you want to explore this house:
    Best Regards, Zed (Cassette) Sefi.

  3. You could also check out Swiss Arabian.