Thursday, April 4, 2013

Duty Free in Amsterdam

Dusting this blog off since the last time I actually wrote was way back in 2012. Been quite a while but hopefully I can keep it up a little bit here. So might as well share with you my Duty Free purchases this April 2013.

Duty Free is usually a good place for me to look at recent releases in the designer game. In duty free I don't really sniff out anything. I walk around and just look around and see which new releases are available. I usually pick 2-3 fragrances without sniffing and enjoy the blind buying segment and see how they do on my skin overseas.

This time around I had Issey Miyake Summer 2013 and Eau Sauvage Parfum on my radar. I already smelled Parfum and just wanted a bottle of it. Summer has a kiwi note in it that I find interesting but sadly duty free did not have it. Which really surprised me. Also another surprise was Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir. I really did not expect it to be available in Holland. When I saw that beautiful black and gold bottle as a tester , I quickly grabbed the box behind it. My first impression of Oud Noir is actually good. Good longevity on it already, it's tame in projection. Some say it's a disappointment for a EDP, I find it does well and no complaints here. The scent itself is closer to a M7 then the next big bold oud based scent. I kinda expected that, and felt it's actually one of the best oud's in the designer game at the moment. They did a good job with it, and happy with the purchase. To those who are huge into the Oud game, yea it's not bold and won't blow your socks off but to a newcomer to the Oud game it's perfect for you to give you a small taste.

Next I saw the newest Eros from Versace also. I decided it's been a while since I actually bought two Versace's in one shot , but what the hey. This one was probably the big disappointment in the three I bought. I haven't worn it on my skin yet, but initial sniff it really did not blow me away. It reminds me of a few designers already.

That's my haul ! Thanks for tuning in



  1. I love to smell Eau Sauvage ...very classic masculine scent.

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  3. Great to see an update to this blog-Lair. Great finds Marc. Travel safe!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the eau Savage EDP. Keep the blog rolling mate!

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  10. I also buy perfumes in Duty Frees, as a gift or reminder to where I have been.

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  12. I would certainly agree, Versace Fragrances are one amongst my favourite college days perfumes along with Kouros and Drakkar Noir as they had long lasting effect. Adding to this, I also love Yardley's fragrance collection which has good chemistry on my skin and is excellent for day time wear.

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