Friday, April 23, 2010

Subscriber's Choice Video : My Bloggers get first Pick April

These are your choices guys... the last winner from the YSL Subby's choice was Body Kouros and I will be reviewing it next week. Enjoy the new choices.

4 New Niche Bottles : Heeley, Le Labo , Bond No. 9 & Creed

Hey guys I was on BlogTV with JR and the gang and they put me in the mood to purchase. So I went on Luckyscent and got myself some new niche bottles. Let's start with my Heeley bottle. This one is probably the least known on youtube since I have not heard anything on youtube about this brand (cept for the Junkie) . This is the bottle I told you guys was better then Roadster since it is now my favourite mint fragrance and I just finished my sample so it's time for a bottle. It's called Menthe Fraiche which in english is obviously Fresh Mint.

Next I purchased my first Le Labo fragrance called Rose 31, I got this simply because of Bizzy. Bar none I think C&S no. 88 is the best rose for men but this one will be my number 2. Not bad at all .

Back to my Bond no. 9 collection, well let's add another. Bleecker street baby !!! I finally found a 3.3 oz bottle of this. My seller finally came through for me. Beautiful bottle , can't wait to smell it.

And last but not least I have not gotten a Creed bottle in a while. Time to get the lesser known ones , I got Original Santal. I wanted Original Vetiver and this and I decided to get Santal. Hopefully this blind buy is going to go well.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 New Bottles Purchased : Prada & Tom Ford

My two new bottles. Just purchased Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille & Prada's newest offering simply called Vetiver. First the Prada is a 2010 release and I have liked everything Prada has released so far which means they deserve at least a try from me on the new Vetiver. Tom Ford's tobacco vanille is my first bottle from the exclusive Tom Ford series excluding the TF men & grey vetiver. I do have a sample of this but decided to forgo sampling it before buying.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back Home !!!

Nothing better then first stepping back onto Canadian soil. How I miss you !!! To all of you it means I am back to youtube and I got a bunch of surprises for all of you , I can't wait to release them. Keep it tuned in , I will be back soon :)


Purchases at Duty Free in Amsterdam

Hey guys just taking a little time here sitting in the airport to let you know what I bought at duty free. So I saw lots of stuff that I really wanted but decided on these two since they are the ones I found being the hardest to find on the net atleast for me back in Canada. First I purchased Guerlain's Homme L'eau , the flanker of the original Guerlain Homme. I tested this one on my skin expecting not really much but a watered down fragrance but it was surprising so I got it.

The 2nd bottles obviously as you can see here is A*men Sunessence. I really did not want to buy this, trust me. The note breakdown looks wrong, the hype is not valid and the bottle is just a cheap remake of ice*men. This screams a rushed product. Sorry for the ones that hype this product. I bought it for a few reasons tho. One I need to get the whole TM line, 2nd to give it a true test to see what I think, this might be my first hate from the TM line. Oh btw if you didn't notice I am coming home. I am in Toronto as I am typing this, so yea vids are coming next week.

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