Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scent of the Day : Chypre Rouge by Serge Lutens

My scent of the day is Chypre Rouge by Serge Lutens and this is the absolute last time I wear this crap. I have given this numerous tries and every single time it makes my nose wrinkle. This is the perfect example of just because it's expensive and from a great fragrance line does not mean it's going to be a solid fragrance. This is horrible !!! I am usually pretty good with fragrances but this one is total junk. I'm hearing it's being discontinued and within reason. The are awesome notes in this one , and lots of familiar notes that I love but this one takes the cake. Pine needle meets red cough syrup ??? This is by far the worst niche fragrance I have ever tried, wait scratch that... the worst fragrance I have ever smelled ever ? Pretty darn close, I would not pay designer price for this let alone niche money. I never could imagine when people where saying a fragrance was so bad that they had to wash it off... now I know the feeling. I love the Lutens line and I find the fragrances I have tried from this line interesting well blended and done just right, they are right up my alley for winter fragrances but this one is a big flat yuck !!! I will pass on this one

New Subscriber's Choice

Okay guys it's about time that I am coming home soon and I usually give the guys that are checking out my blog time to vote on my blog a few weeks ahead of the game. You know what to do , if not this is how it works. You will see a poll on my blog (please do not comment what your vote is under this post since I don't count them) just vote on the bottle you want me to review in my next subscriber's choice video. (Remember I still need to do the last subby's that Himalaya won). All votes are counted and once I am back home I will do a video on my youtube channel for you to vote again ! Alright so let's look at what bottles are going head to head.
Fahrenheit 32
Comme des Garcons 2 Man

John Varvatos Rock Volume 1

New Purchases : Frederic Malle & Bond No. 9

Hi fellow youtubers & friends. Yes I have opened my pocketbook this past few weeks. (The guy that said the recession hit me is pretty quiet now lol) ... anyways I was saying I believe in blogtv episode that I was going to get Bond's & Creed's at a slower pace and get other niche houses while still trying to finish my Bond and Creed collections... (yes I want almost all of them) this time I got my Bond's on (ugh) I used the code Tim9 (lol just joking Tim) I used the code on the site that actually gave me 15% off which was pretty good. My last purchase from that website was so disapointing that I have not used them in over a year and I can't vouch for them. The packaging was sloppy , the bottles have been opened and sprayed once or twice at least ( probably they sent me a returned bottle from another customer) so I was not impressed and looked elsewhere, well I will give them another chance by buying 2 bond bottles. I also went on the Frederic Malle website today and got myself a treat. Let's check this out :
The Scent of Peace by Bond No 9
I was looking around to get more Bond's but it's hard buying blind with a company like Bond since they aren't cheap and I try to look at the note breakdown , see what others are saying then buy it. Well the whole Bond line is hard to do this since everyone says oh it smells like this Creed or that Creed and that's all they have to say about Bond's. I decided on this one for a few reasons. One the perfumer is Michael Almairac which is one of the best in the business. Alot of people are saying that this has a strong Peach note, which caught my eye. I know this is going to be a summer scent and hopefully it does well.
Andy Warhol's Silver Factory by Bond No. 9
This one was easy to choose. It was my first choice for my next bond. I like daring scent's and this one has that all over it., did someone say incense ??? Hell ya !!! This is going to be one of my most exciting blind buys for me to unwrap (hopefully fragrancenet does not screw it up) . I was thinking of getting Chez Bond, Wall Street, Montauk (hard to find online) & Riverside Drive but those will have to wait till next time.
Bigarade Concentree by EDP Frederic Malle
I totally squeezed all the juice out of my sample and did not notice until I grabbed for it today and it was all gone :( I was so sad that I went on the Frederic Malle site and ordered it right away. What can I say about this ? Well it's a JC Ellena fragrance so that seals the deal, right ? No but it helps. This I was scared to try because I loved it but heard horror stories on the longevity, well where I am right now it's hot so hot I can fry a egg on my head. This one shines in the heat, and I mean the real heat. When it's hot this thing lasts (yea I said it) , when it's cooler and your not sweating then yes this thing will run away. I love this , probably not the best for Canada weather but I might bring it with me on my travels to LA or Florida or even Egypt when I go there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working on.....L'homme by Yves Saint-Laurent (updated)

A Small update here guys. So I have been going through my old videos and decided to start re-reviewing some of my earliest videos on some favourites. They are missing crucial information since they were made when I just started they are missing things such as application, buy try or pass and the new rating system. So you will see new reviews on these fragrances. Starting with L'homme by YSL. I will keep the old videos on my youtube page since I don't believe in deleting my videos at all. The way these reviews will be made will be a little different, I will add a feature at the end judging the rating I gave it in the old video and give you guys a new rating and tell you why it went lower or higher or stayed the same since tastes do change and I know my first few videos I was doing all my favourites and gave some pretty high scores. Hopefully you will enjoy these updated videos which I will only do once and a while because I know you guys want some fresh reviews. So I am working on L'homme now , I rated it #2 behind Le Male when I reviewed it back in August 2009, I can say that is no longer true. Thanks for watching guys and I cannot wait to redo a review on a YSL fragrance that deserves a full review.

5 New Niche bottles Purchased

Hi guys, just another update for you. I felt like getting some more niche fragrances so I went on luckyscent and purchased 5 bottles some blind some I have smelled before , let's check them out :
Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens ($120)
After Chergui it was pretty hard to find my next purchase from Serge Lutens. There is about a dozen scents I want to purchase from this line but this one seemed to be the logic choice for my next purchase. I nice Amber scent with vanilla are usually my cup of tea, but this one is full of spice so I can't wait to give it a sniff.
Cuir Pleine Fleur by Heeley
Again another fragrance house that I am purchasing my 2nd bottle from. Just like Serge Lutens, it was hard to pick the 2nd bottle from the house since I did enjoy Sel Marin from this house and also interested in other scents from this house. This one did catch my nose when I tried the sample I got. This is one if not one of the best leather based scents I have smelled. Heeley is really impressing me and Sel Marin is close to being next to be purchased.
Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur
This seems to be a trend, again my 2nd bottle from a house after I purchased Tea for Two from L'artisan. Same things goes for this fragrance house I really had so many choices but decided to go with this one because it really seemed interesting. Hopefully this blind buy goes well but with the notes in this I should be pleased.
Rose Poivree by The Different Company
The founder of The Different Company is Jean Claude Ellena and I have been wanting to buy this and Sel de Vetiver for a long long time. This is one of the few fragrances that JC Ellena has done for TDC before leaving to be the in house nose for Hermes. I am truly into Rose scents lately (Rose 31, C&S no88) and wanted to add another and from Ellena this was the choice. This is a blind buy but my record with Ellena has been perfect so this is an easy choice for me.
Philosykos by Dyptique
FIGS !!!! lol Well since I enjoyed Marc Jacobs so much I decided to look further into the fig based fragrances and my search ended here. I have not smelled this before but I can't wait. This is not the first I have heard from Dyptique I was really interested in Tam Dao which I have not purchased yet. This is supposed to be the king of Fig, but I have my eye on Figuer by Heeley and I am guessing that one is up there also.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scent of the Day : Chocolovers by Aqualina

This is the same company that has done Blue Sugar and they do not stray too far from the gourmandy feel with this one either. This is what I call it the "chocolate chip cookie accord". I feel like I am a chocolate chip cookie when I wear this , now it's up to the person wearing this if that's what they want to smell like. I usually have my moments that I want to go straight foody with my fragrances , that's when I go for my powerhouse gourmand fragrances and this one actually does really well on my skin. The problem with this kind of fragrance is versatility, you can't smell like a chocolate chip cookie in a big meeting or even for a first date. So this one kinda has it's downside but hey if you have a sweet tooth take a look at this one. I do need to get this bottle for myself since the price tag is pretty cheap.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Working on.... Escada Magnetism & Lalique Encre Noire

Hi fellow scent heads, I'm back with another update... what review's am I working on at the moment to do some final touches. Working on two fragrances at the moment. Both fairly dark fragrances . Escada's Magnetism & Lalique's Encre Noire. I think both of these are due for a review and I have had tons of requests for both. Since summer is at it's half way point now, I believe these reviews will be ready once I am back in September perfect timing for these two since the cooler months will be ahead. I really enjoy both of these and I'm sure you have seen Encre Noire in my Top 25 winter fragrances & Magnetism in the Top 25 winter & top 10 Spring fragrances. So both will be in high regard but will either hit the exclusive 10 out of 10 rating or will they lose a few points and be in the heavy popular 8-9 range. We will find out in September.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Designer Shopping Spree Haul : 15 New Bottles

Hi guys it's been a long long while since I actually did a designer fragrance haul, I guess I got caught up in the whole Niche of things and since I didn't own any niche it was fun exploring and finding new jems, but it does get expensive. So I decided my list of designer fragrances I want to purchase was getting bigger and bigger that I would purchase a good dozen fragrances in one haul. So let's see what I got.

Burberry Sport by Burberry
Purchased this since I was planning to buy it on the bottle alone at duty free. Seen it a few times over there and decided to buy it now so I can get something else at duty free. I am not expecting the next Burberry London or Brit in this one. Just something a little better then a Chrome I guess would be just fine.
Christian Audigier by Christian Audigier
This purchased was based on a basenotes thread earlier this week. It looks like they are pulling this fragrance off the shelves because of the whole Ed Hardy vs Christian fiasco.. either way I wanted to get it before it's not available online anymore. On a side note the bottle looks cheap and tacky..
Cuba Gold,Cuba Orange, Cuba Blue, Cuba Red by Cuba
If I can count how many times I get a e-mail about Cuba Gold and how similiar it is to Le Male I would run out of numbers.. I decided to get this cheap 4 pack for 12 bucks. I have smelled these before and to be honest with you even tho they do knock off some good fragrances these things are cheap for a reason... they don't last.
Eau de Lalique by Lalique
Well since I love encre noire I decided to try another Lalique fragrance this time the unisex called Eau. I hear great things and I have to thank my fellow reviewer Bizzy for putting me on to this one, hopefully I get the same reaction as everyone else that has tried this.
Black Jeans by Versace
I can't believe I bought another Jeans fragrance. Remember when I swored off these things, well times have changed Blue Jeans was a pleasant surprise, and I am closing my eyes on this one and hoping for the best lol. The bottles aren't the nicest but this one is discontinued and I got it for 20 bucks so it's worth the blind buy.
Eau de The Vert by Blvgari
A tea based fragrance by Blvgari, green tea to boot !!! Who made this stuff ? Oh it's JC Ellena , great bought it right on the spot. I am looking into the other tea based frags from Blvgari and this one should not dissapoint.
L'anarchiste by Caron
One of the most requested viewer mail I get. I had my eye on it for a while but finally I got it. So everyone that requested that I get this or review it well now you know the review is coming. I don't know much about the Caron house to be honest, I know basenotes raves about this brand but in my eyes that means nothing, but we will see what the fuss is about.
Kenzo Jungle pour Homme by Kenzo
Probably the last really good Kenzo fragrance I needed to purchase was this one. I heard some good and some bad, I like the Kenzo house and I'm sure this one will be above average.
L'eau Bleue by Issey Miyake
I have been seeing this bottle in duty free for about a year. Always looked at it but never bought it. So I thought this is time to get another Issey fragrance. I actually never smelt it but I would assume it will be pretty good.. hell it's a Issey fragrance.
Aqva Marine by Bvlgari
Talking about most requested bottles to purchased by the viewers on youtube. This one is right up there. I still think Aqva is the better fragrance but we will see once I smell this one. Love the bottle just like the original so I bought it so I can put them side by side.
CK Free by Calvin Klein
I was due for another CK fragrance. This one I heard is below average juice, but I had to get another CK fragrance since I still have over a dozen still left to purchase from this house so I did eeny miny mo and picked this one.
Eau Concentree d'orange Verte by Hermes
Oh another Mr. Ellena fragrance. Hell ya !!! I was trying to choose between this one and the original. I heard this one lasts longer so that made my mind up right away. Can't wait to smell this one.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Purchase of the Month : The Three Kings for Winter/Fall 2010

I call this purchase from Luckyscent the 3 Kings for fall/winter 2010 which is fitting since these guys will get most of my attention during those months. I have exhausted my 76 samples from luckyscent these past two months and I decided that my trigger finger needed to be cocked for this (also my credit card) , but these are the 3 that made the most affect on me which to be brutally honest I did not want to fork over this kind of money for 3 bottles but I am planning to use these for years to come and they should fit right in as some my top bottles for the cooler months. So let's see what I purchased :

Amouage Jubilation XXV ($250) :

I was not overly impressed by the Amouage line since I got samples for the whole line and felt the price tag was not worth any of my attention until I got to this sucker. Jubilation XXV feels like I am a sultan prince when I wear this stuff. Is it worth the 250 .. hell no even I can admit to it, but I wanted to spoil myself. This is more of a purchase for myself as a gift. I can say with confidence that this and Back to Black where the best out of all my samples which were all niche fragrances that offer, sadly there were the most expensive. This is going to make my youtube channel really diverse which is what I really wanted it to be, I want to cover everything from a $5 bottle of Cuba Gold to a Amouage bottle. On a side note I will be reviewing samples that did not make the cut, since I do not find it feasible to buy a $200 bottle just to do a bad review. So yes there will be more bad reviews on expensive fragrances then good ones.

Back to Black by BY KILIAN ($225) :

By Kilian just like Amouage I purchased all the samples of the line. Thinking I could be trouble if I like these lines, but just like Amouage I felt like this line was hyped up and did not think much of it. It took me almost my whole sample of Back to Black until I found that this one was actually worth it (to some degree) . Not only is the presentation breathtaking with these bottles (check out the case they come in ) but the juice in this one did the trick for me. Now remember this is a EDP and weird thing is this was the only By Kilian fragrance that I tried that stayed on my skin for longer then 10 hours. Feels like Chergui in a way (teresa you should check this out) .. if you check out the note breakdown on this you will see what I am talking about , it smells very rich and well blended and I can't wait to wear this back home once it gets cooler.
Andy Tauer's L'air du desert Marocain (picture is of orange star from the same brand) ($110) :

This one was way due for a purchase !!!! I was thinking of purchasing this in January 2010 but I heard grumblings of new bottles being made for the whole Tauer line so I waited patiently. Finally the time has come and this purchase again was made for fall/winter in mind. This one can handle itself against both big boys that I just wrote about. Price tag does not matter in this case, the cheaper Tauer fragrance can do the job just as well as the other two maybe even better. This also gives me this rich Sultan type of feel that Jubilation XXV does.

I do apologize as far as purchasing goes it was pretty quiet on my front since I was waiting for the move from house to house to be complete. Did not want to bother Stephanie with my orders while she was doing a move or ship it to the old house and no ones there to receive it. Hope everyone in the youtube community is having a great day, I miss you all and I will be back soon.



Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working on.... Montale White Aoud Review

Doing some finishing touches on my Montale White Aoud fragrance review this week. This one is a unisex fragrance from Montale and I would strongly say as far as my sampling goes this might be directed much more to the females then the men. Would I recommend this to a one of my subscribers, yes I would. If you enjoyed fragrances like Kenzo Power, Le Fleur du Male and your not scared of unisex fragrances and want to try a aoud fragrance I just might recommend this. This one kinda feels milky... hmm maybe fluffy ??? Not sure what I am trying to say but it is very much easier to wear then Black Aoud. Some say they are almost the same, some say they are complete opposites. I would say White is the little sister of the Black. Softer much easier to wear. Can't wait to review this one... stay tuned in September

Friday, July 9, 2010

Announcement : Comeback home postponed

Hi guys anyone counting the days that I am home will have to change the date to a few weeks later. I will be extending my stay overseas for 2 more weeks and will not be posting a video in early August as planned. I will be back mid August and I have a few family things to do in the coming weeks after that so perhaps my youtube comeback will have to be in September. I wish I could be back doing vids for you guys and I miss doing them very much but hopefully you understand and I will keep updating my blog for you guys while I am here. PS : I was thinking of going on blogtv while I am overseas on my days off, but I would not be able to broadcast a video but I could chat with you guys live. Let me know what you think in the comments below if you'd want me to do that if so I could broadcast sometime this weekend so we chat.

Thanks ,


Scent of the Day : Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

My scent of the day here is Bergamote 22 by Le Labo. I decided to take a look at the other fragrances from Le Labo and there is a common thread here in the Le Labo line, it seems they all have the same background with a few changes here and there. The obvious change here is the amped up citrus notes of bergamot. It's actually pretty nice it's almost citrus meets spice all the way through. For the price tag this seemed like it's been done before and this does not really make me jump out of my seat as being unique. It's well done and it has quality in it but I can't justify the price tag for this thing to say I would buy it. If you love Rose 31 or any Le Labo fragrance you just might fall in love with the whole line by mistake since they all have that same outline, but you can't fool me Le Labo !!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Scent of the Day : Straight to Heaven by BY Kilian

Today's Scent of the Day is Straight to Heaven. I decided to try out the other By Kilian fragrances since my Back to Black sample is done and I loved it. The note breakdown for this fragrance makes me this yea this might bring me straight to heaven, well the rum soaked By Kilian fragrance did not do it to me. I get tons of cedar in this one , almost makes me think of Gucci Pour Homme I but is it worth the $225 price tag for 50 ml. I think not. Overall nice and yes I would probably purchase it if it was under $100 but at this price tag it does not do my money justice. Final opinion a nice cedar scent that could be for the rich man that loves Gucci Pour Homme I . Pass for me

Working on.... Gucci Envy Review

Hi guys back again with a new post. I get mail every so often asking what's next to be review or what am I working on at the moment. This is a new feature which won't really tell you guys when the review is coming out but letting you know what I am working on. At the moment I am in the final stages on the Gucci Envy for men review, this will be coming out in August/September. Fun Fact about this fragrance is this was Tom Ford's first men's fragrance for Gucci. Testing at the moment shows it works best in the cooler months and I see this fragrance as more of a mature scent even though it has a sweet tinge (from the Amber) that gives this a chance to the younger folks. I won't give everything away at the moment but this is what I am working on at the moment.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Reviewers Spotlight : Ptitan08

Ptitan08's channel : click me

So I am starting something new on my blog. I am hopefully going to shine a spotlight on some reviewers that should get a some love and hopefully with my blog getting a little more traffic these days some unknown reviewers can get more subscribers & views. This time I am letting you guys know about Ptitan08' channel.

He has over 123 subscribers which is very good, but I think his channel deserves at least double that so I'm hoping we can get the word out.

He does reviews on fragrances and he does swaps too. He's done reviews from Versace's the Dreamer to Issey Miyake's Summer 2010. He's been doing reviews for over 6 months now and is still putting out videos. Check out his channel his vids and subscribe.

Scent of the Day : Sel Marin by Heeley

Since I posted on my top 10 niche fragrance another Heeley fragrance and spoke a bit about this one I decided to give this sample another try. I have to say I am impressed with the Heeley brand as far as I am concerned they are 3 for 3 at the moment with me and Sel Marin might have to be purchased at this time. It has a really different take on a aquatic feel, it smells almost like bath sea salts if you have ever tried those. It feels airy and salty at the same time and it different in a good way. This might be my more expensive rainy day type of fragrance (blvgari aqva is the designer rainy day scent). I can detect the lemon-ish feel to this right off the bat and then after that you get some slight woods but all the way through this fragrance you get that sea salt vibe to it. Rather good fragrance I must say, I'm impressed.

Price Tag : $150 for 100 ml

Scent of the Day : Cologne Pour Le Matin by Francis Kurkdjian

This is forwarded from Julio's last video on youtube as he bought a bottle of this, so I decided to give this another try. It almost feels like being blasted by "Powdered Lemons" is what I get from this one with a hint of lavender. It's really nice and I think this would be perfect for a weekday 9-5 scent to go to work with everyday for the summer. Not too sure if it's worth the price tag at the moment even tho you do get lots of juice for the price. I like it but I don't love it

My 10 Niche Wishlist

Hey guys, another blog since I have a little time. I'm sure some of you are asking why is Marc not doing any hauls or anything major. One reason yes I am slowing down and purchasing things for my new home, but also I am in the middle of a move and I am overseas so this makes things tricky for me since my new home is not mine until mid July and I do not want to start shipping thousands of dollars worth of fragrance until I know that I am settled in at home. So no overseas blind buying until I am settled. As far as this goes, I am sampling all my samples I have bought over here and have compiled a to buy list. Niche & Designer.. let's start with niche, now the way this works is from #1-5 are bottles I will purchase for sure, the others I am still on the fence. So let's take a look at my list and see what I am looking at for purchasing in the next coming months.

#10) Sel de Vetiver by Different Company

This would be my first fragrance from this company. I have been looking into this fragrance house for the past 6 months and I am decided that this is the one from this company that I will get first. The nose behind this is actually JC Ellena's daughter Celine. This has almost a smokey vetiver feel to it but of course with some saltiness to it hence the name Sel which means Salt in french.

#9) Bois Farine by L'artisan Parfumeur

Talking about JC Ellena here he is . I am always looking out for his creations and this one has been on my list for a bit also. I am really into these AP fragrances and decided to go with my fav. nose instead of top sellers for this house. I am on the fence on purchasing this but still interested.

#8) Jasmin & Cigarette by ELDO

I was really wanting to get Fat Electrician from this company (vetiver based fragrance) but am really liking this one right here the most. This is a EDP and has a hint of feminine and masculine, a true unisex fragrance maybe hinted more to the females but the smokey tinge of tobacco keeps me coming back.

#7) Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

This one would be my 2nd from this house after getting Chergui. I'm not going to lie I am following the trend here and going with the most popular from this line. Chergui was first in line and did very well so I will continue this trend with this line. I love powdery ambers so this one should do well with me.

#6) Cuir Pleine Fleur by Heeley

While everyone is talking about Sel Marin I am going in a total different direction with this house. I got the underrated Menthe fraiche and now I am getting one of the better leather scents out there IMO. This one is a must buy for me and don't be surprised if I am unboxing this in August.

#5) Erolfa by Creed

I was considering my next Creed as Original Vetiver, but lately Erolfa has been getting my interest. So be it, Erolfa will be my next Creed purchase and yes this is a blind buy.

#4) Bigarade Concentree by Frederic Malle

Well this one is not too complicated to figure out. It's really a solid summer fragrance. I am trying really hard to find some well done summer fragrances and this one kinda fits the bill. It hot and humid here at the moment and my sample of this stuff is shinning in this heat. So props and yes this is a def. buy on my list.

#3) L'air du desert Moracain by Andy Tauer

I'll be honest with this one. I was just waiting for Luckyscent to get the new bottles in since the older bottles are fugly. Now that they are in this one is ordered as soon as I get home.

#2) Back to Black by Kilian

I was actually surprised with this one. I was not overly impressed by this whole line since I got samples of all of these to try out. I really really wanted to like this brand, but they failed and I put the samples away. Then one day I gave this one another shot, and it did it for me right away. Since then I have exausted my sample of Back to Black and I am craving more. Consider this bottle bought once I get home.

#1) Jubilation XXV by Amouage

I wanted something from Amouage. Not sure if the appeal is the bottle or the name or maybe both. Perhaps it the juice inside. Either way this one is on my must buy list. I got great results with my sample and I have been waiting to purchase this bottle since 2009 so this is the time that I jump into the Amouage craze. Call me Crazy !!!

Your Top 10 Most Requested Reviews/Release Dates

Ever since I started on youtube the requests keep coming in hourly. I get all kinds of requests and I try my best to do what I can for my subscribers. There are two kinds of requests. The one that I don't have the bottle and the one that I do have the bottle. Usually if I don't have a bottle and you request it to be reviewed by me there is a good chance that I will buy the bottle and review it. When I do get requests for current bottles that I own I try to speed up the process especially if I am getting tons of requests. So i thought it would be fun to let you guys know the top 10 most requested bottles to be reviewed by me and tell you guys when it might come out as far as a youtube video release date. So let's get to it :

#10 ) Bleecker Street by Bond No 9 ( Release date: To Be Determined)

I am just starting the reviewing process with this fragrance which means research online of various information about the fragrance and I am grading it on longevity & projection in the warmer months ahead. I am also going to wear it in the Fall & Winter and see how it does. After that process is done we should see a review on Bleecker.

So 2011 review perhaps or late 2010 depending on how many reviews I do and how fast I can dissect this fragrance.

#9) Fahrenheit Absolute by Christian Dior (Release Date : Fall/Winter 2010)

This one is much closer to being reviewed then Bleecker. So Fahrenheit fans you will get a review this year. It's in I would say stage 2 of the reviewing process. I have done all the paperwork for winter testing and FA has done well. I am waiting to come back home and do some warm weather testing and also gauge female/male response on the fragrance itself in various stages (top/heart/base). I cannot wait to review this fragrance and as much as I loved it when I first got it I must say it's not a 10/10 at the moment for me.

#8) Cool Water by Davidoff (Release Date: Early August)

I am at the final stages of this review for Cool Water. It was ready to be reviewed before I left but I decided to take a few more months with it since it is a classic. Needless to say this will be one of my first reviews back once I am back home. This has not been reviewed by many reviewers surprisingly and I cannot wait to tackle it since all I really need to do with the review is some final touches and samples in the warm weather settings.

#7) Black Aoud by Montale (Release Date : Late August/Early September)

Black Aoud has been really interesting and I have gotta lots of mail ever since I got it. Tons of people on youtube are really interested in this brand and this fragrance, it has been untouched by the youtube community and I cannot wait to be the first to let you guys know what I think of this brand and this fragrance. Expect a late August review with this one as it is in stage 3 of the reviewing process.

#6) Allure Homme Sport by Chanel (Release Date :TBD)

Chanel Allure line is very popular and within reason. I am in stage 1/2 with Allure Sport. I think this one may go quicker then Bleecker as far as a release date for a review. I am pretty familiar with this fragrance which means I can speed up the process and you could see it popping in a subscriber's choice video in the near future.

#5) Virgin Island Water by Creed (Release Date: November/December 2010)

This one has been requested time and time again. I have done lots of testing and research on this bad boy and I am pretty familiar with it. The main testing is obviously in the warm weather which I am planning to do once I am back home this summer to do the bulk of the testing for this fragrance. Expect a review once summer is over (which I know is a bad time to release it but hey it needs the testing). As far as my rating goes for this one, I am still blown away with this fragrance.

#4) Encre Noire by Lalique (Release Date : September)

This one really surprised me that it did not win the Subscriber's choice against Himalaya. I guess the niche heads really wanted me to review a niche finally. I have been getting tons of mail on this one and people want it to be reviewed. I am just finishing up on this fragrance as far as getting all the specs done for a review and you should expect a review in the near future.

#3) Brooklyn by Bond No 9 (Release date: August)

Oh yes the infamous Brooklyn. I hyped this bottle for a long time and people really want to know about this fragrance. I am thinking of releasing the review near my 1 year anniversary on youtube so watch out for it. I am done the review as far as the paperwork is concerned all I need to do is record it.

#2) L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake (Release Date : Fall 2010)

This surprised me that I have been getting a large amount of mail to review this bottle. It's popular and it's been reviewed quite a bit on youtube and other reviewing sites. So it took me by shock that I was getting this much mail on this one. I have been working on the review quite a bit last time I was home on this one and the review is almost complete just needs more testing in the warm weather and I also really want to test it in the fall and see how it does.

#1) Green Irish Tweed by Creed (Release date: August/September)

This is by far my most requested video review. I have been working none stop on this fragrance since I got it. This is probably the one video that I have done the most testing for as far as season/settings and compliments goes. It might be the one video that I think will change the way I review overall since I have done so much work on it that I think it might just have to change my process for others since I have found out quite a bit about GIT that will surprise you. You asked for it this review is coming !!!

Thank you for everyone that requests reviews without you I would not know what you guys want me to put out as far as content. Please keep sending me Personal messages or anything to reach me and let me know what you want me to review either from my collection or something that I do not have. I hope you enjoyed the top 10 most requested and hope to hear from all of you in the future.